Monday, 5 May 2014

New range of pots

I'm obsessed with rounded pots where I bring the opening back in when I'm throwing. And I'm also hooked on the uncoloured look where only clear glaze is used.
Expect more in this range. Shall we call it a "collection"?
Something else I tried out recently was stamping into the clay and painting the underglaze onto the stamped images. Very slow process as I have shaky hands. Cute though.
An example of the "denim" matt glaze. I'm really liking the way touches of green show through the blue.
And I like the way the rim colour "bled" into the main glaze on this pot.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cookie cutter birds

I forgot I had made these so I was really happy to find they had come out of the kiln. I am loving the clear glaze straight on top of the clay. I am going to make some sort of mobile/hanging thing out of them. I have been in a wobbly stage on the wheel lately, I think from having such a long break away from throwing. Thank goodness I am having more success now.

No idea why the image has rotated and no idea how to fix it!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Ceramic joy from across the seas

Recently I made some purchases from etsy and I love the workmanship so much I feel the need to share.
This graceful bird and cute owl came all the way from Slovenia.
For those who wish to check out more, the link is

And all the way from Israel came this gorgeous bowl complete with adorable lovebirds.
The inside of the bowl is a sparkling blue. I must remember to take a photo from above as well. You can see for yourself at