Thursday, 25 April 2013

This and that

After missing a week due to a migraine, I am back again and ready to share my latest "creations" (or perhaps "experiments" would be more apt.)
Here is my favourite, a tree trunk which I textured using an actual tree trunk and coloured with iron oxide. I wanted a matt finish so I have not added clear glaze over the top. I am not completely happy with the birds as parts of the underglaze smudged off before the clear glaze was applied. The birds are only just perched on there and will be glued on very soon.
Next up was a little daschund glazed with tenmoku colour.
This Pegasus was coloured with iron oxide then clear glazed. I still have a lot to learn with my brushwork in order to get an even shading. The mane and tail are yet to be added. Hoping to find something appropriate to glue on.
Moving away from the animal theme, I used some rolled clay to make a small plate and bowl. This was the best photo I could get of the plate. I like the colours of the plate but the bowl was more successful overall.

A bit of a mixed bag really. Can't wait for my next batch to come out of the kiln, as I think they are going to be my favourites so far.
Absolutely love being part of the Mildura Pottery Group. Meeting lots of inspiring people and having lots of laughs.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


It all began with a pinch pot formed into a bug. This was my introduction to clay when I joined the Mildura Pottery Group at the start of the year.
This was closely followed by a pinch pot turned into a chook bowl. Very rough. Getting better at smoothing now. We place newly collected eggs into this each morning before they get moved to the fridge.
Next came a project for my mother. She had been given a lovely Swarovski pen so I made a pen holder for it. Try to imagine roses winding around it.

The obvious goal for the part owner of two chooks, an egg cup. First experiment with bleeding one glaze into another. Loving Whitsunday Blue and Iron Oxide. Will try not to glaze everything with these colours.
My aunty loves all things owl related, so she became my next victim recipient.
After two months I moved on to something a bit different. I started to feel like there was a grain of creativity in me once I completed these. I especially like the leaf bowl/candle holder.
I hope it appears I am making progress! Regardless, I sure am having fun.