Sunday, 25 September 2016

Upcoming markets

We are attempting a double market weekend in a week's time! Set up early on Saturday for the Farmers' Market/Boutique Market, pack up around lunchtime, travel 20 minutes and set up again ready for the Sunday Market at Red Cliffs. The Sunday venue will be indoors, a "pop-up shop" so no marquee to battle with. Head back on Sunday to open up 9.00 until 1.00. Imagine if we sell everything on Saturday and have nothing for Sunday! I jest.
New items to sell...

Sunday, 11 September 2016

New shape

I found a ceramic cup in a shop that had a shape that interested me. I have been trying to recreate it. The plan is to make a larger one to use as a tool holder for when I get set up in the garage with my new wheel. I am finding it quite difficult to both get the shape right and get the size. This is the best I have done so far. It is too short for its intended purpose and I am now having a rest from this project. I will go back to it, but for now, I am going back to what I know I can achieve...more bird bowls.