Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Handmade stamps

I am a sucker for etsy. Always doing searches, being inspired by others and ultimately...buying stuff! But I have never been disappointed when my parcel arrives in the mail. Yesterday I received four handmade polymer clay stamps to use on my clay creations. All the way from the US, lovingly packaged and proving to be high quality workmanship. I am laid up with a cold at the moment and not motivated to be creating anything just now with a stuffed up nose. But I can't wait to be all better and trying these stamps out on some clay. I'm seeing pendants and I'm seeing embellishments on my pots. And I can't help but think there are other stamps I should have ordered as well. There's always next time. Credit where it is due, the creator of these beauties is Giselle and her etsy shop is Giselle No.5, store link here...GiselleNo5


  1. Hey Caroline, you can make stamps from clay! I

  2. I love the bunnies stamped in, I'll have to get one and make some bowls for our bunnies!