Thursday, 21 May 2015

Muscle building

It appears that I have not been taking this whole wheel throwing thing seriously at all for the last eighteen months. I attempted (successfully I might add) a Larger Piece Of Clay yesterday. Twice actually. My arms are sore today. I even used my stomach muscles which can't be a bad thing. These bowls/pots I have been making all this time now look like they belong in a doll's house. (Ok, I'm exaggerating now.) The two bowls I threw yesterday are certainly not fruit bowl size, but they are bigger than a breakfast bowl. I might glaze them in my new favourite combination of double dipped tenmoku/hyacinth blue just like these two smaller affairs that just came out of the kiln...
Don't you just love spectacular glaze effects?
In other news, the pottery club now has Running Water in the studio. Running Water! I was so excited I took a photo.


  1. Lol. Running water is indeed a luxury and I can hardly believe it myself. It will take some time to get used to going to the sink and not the blue tub. Good work with the bigger bowls and don't be too disappointed by the inevitable shrinkage.