Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mistake to masterpiece

Last week I threw two roundish pots and as I was closing the tub, my thumb slipped off the catch and into one of the pots. Disaster you might think. No, I had a week to think about it and came up with a cunning plan. Jayne wasn't quite sure what I was up to today but I just said ah wait and see. So I turned the base on the wheel then flipped over the pot. I surveyed last week's damage and sourced a suitable cutting tool. I cut a hole in the side of the pot where the mistake was, rolled out some other clay on the slab roller and used my cake icing plungers to make two sizes of flowers. I used these to fill the hole. Mistake no more. I prefer masterpiece. I headed out into the 45 degrees Celcius heat and after a fifteen minute drive arrived home just in time to avoid a wild dust storm.


  1. Great solution! You definitely made lemonade!

  2. Looks SO wonderful….and whoa, 45 degrees?!!!!!

  3. Fantastic solution. Yes you made lemonade! Looks even better now with underglaze.