Thursday, 2 June 2016

June Market

So our club has our second market day coming up in just over a week. I have eight items ready with two more to come out of the kiln before then. My son has designed stickers for me to put on the boxes I sourced very cheaply on the internet. The boxes are a bit big for the bowls but I needed something that would fit all my bowls and I often make bigger ones. I'm quite pleased with the finished look.

A couple of pieces with hearts just for something different.
Most of my "for sale" pottery. Two still in the kiln.

A piece of bakers' twine to finish it off!


  1. Such absolutely sweet pots :) That snake of ours is a garter snake. Usually smaller, but they eat bugs and mice. We are largely too far north, and cold, for venomous snakes.

  2. The pots look great and the packaging very professional. All priced and ready for next week. You are organised. Havent had time today to look in the kiln due to market prep. After lunch tomorrow.

  3. Yes...2 bowls! Glazed and ready.....might add a note to say dont forget these