Sunday, 16 April 2017

Pottering along

I thought I would revisit some glaze combinations and I'm glad I did. The hyacinth/satin white was not to my liking last time I tried it (although everyone else seemed to love it) but this time it was more blended. Previously it was described as reminding people of clouds, I guess because it was sort of patchy. Anyway, I quite like the result this time. The tenmoku/satin white which we like to think of as a leopard print result has some really gold looking effects this time round and I have another bowl in the kiln with a combination of this and the much used and loved tenmoku/hyacinth.

Of course there were more bird bowls out of the kiln...

Ages ago, I made this crazy thing, a tip of it broke off, I tried to throw it away, Jayne mended it and it sat in the studio for some time. Well Jayne convinced me to glaze it and here it is.

Finally, here you can see what I bought while away in Hahndorf to display my bird mobiles/hangers which I will be taking to the bird show in June.
(A couple of the birds have slipped down. They will be glued back in place soon.)


  1. I love the Tenmoku/Satin combination.

  2. Thanks Lori. It's a popular combination at the studio.

  3. wao.The cups look great with those little birds. You can look at more pottery items or gifting items at