Friday, 4 October 2013

Colourful pots

Very happy with the shape of this pot. My third session on the wheel. Also very pleased with the royal blue gloss glaze.
Smaller pot, matt lavender glaze...
Handbuilt pot with jade green underglaze...
I bought two pots while on holiday in South Australia. I like the colour combination of my newest pots sitting alongside them.
Improved photo quality due to the purchase of a digital SLR.


  1. oh goodness, what a fine little bird pot!

  2. (hahaha, to answer your question--I do not have any REAL "celadons", but I do have what, 5, 7? different light greens... spring green, turquoise, celadon-ish, dark green :)
    the glazes in this link are FANTASTIC, including the faux celadon, which I use a little, and a darker version of it I mixed which I use A LOT