Monday, 29 July 2013

I know it's Winter but... Sturt Desert Pea is flowering already with a good month left until Spring arrives. It's the first year I've had one of these and I'm super impressed. It has been grafted to give it more chance of success.
In other un-pottery related news, we did a flying visit to the Melbourne Zoo on Friday filling in time before the wwe Raw event (I'm a woman of many interests). We literally ran through the zoo to get to the flight aviary being huge bird enthusiasts. I have a female eclectus parrot
so I was very excited to see a male eclectus parrot! He was looking inside a hollow in a tree and we said "Look, he thinks there might be a girl in there."
And we sure were surprised when we realised he was right.
He ended up flying over and landing right next to us.

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