Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Studio animals

I often see photos of potters' pets in their studios, and inspired by Gary Rith's recent photos of his wrestling cat and dog, I took a snap of Jayne's new adopted dog Luka wrestling (playfully) with her other dog Stella in the new studio.

Last night I achieved two successful pots on the wheel out of three attempts which was a big improvement on a few weeks ago when I only achieved one success out of four. I envy those who can just get on the wheel and know that an actual pot/bowl will appear before them rather than some warped or lopsided sort of thing.
Thought for the day...I AM on holidays and I WILL get back to hand sculpting clay.

1 comment:

  1. OH THIS cracks me up! Salt and pepper, chocolate and vanilla! Your thoughts and mine are similar today, if you check my post....
    Keep practicing pots. It is a lifetime of experimentation for us all :)