Monday, 5 January 2015

Yes I'm still around

Hmm. Last post May 2014. What can I say? I've been "busy" with other things. Not much pottery to show. Our old premises became unavailable and a new studio is still being built. It is a work in progress but the wheels are plugged in to power and the kiln is fired up. I discovered some items I had neglected to photograph!
So here we go...
An addition to the "collection" I began some time back. I still have plans for more.
A baby owl I made some time ago. Not sure why it was forgotten. Maybe I couldn't get a decent photo of it before I got my good camera.
The makings of another "collection" of which I'm sure there was another one. Expect more.

Ok, now this one has a story. It began as a bowl shape, got lost in the move to the new studio, was forgotten about (by me) before being found in its new form missing about half of its original self. I was going to smash it but Jayne encouraged me to clear glaze and fire it. I actually quite like it as it is now, like some sort of relic.

And of course there will always be more chooks.


  1. Good to see you back in blog land. Love your groovy background! Pottery starts back up again tonight, might see you there

  2. Send me the files for the two birds on the bowl, baby owl and the flower pot. I think any of those would make a fine card. I should have gotten your email address tonight.

  3. OH I LOVE the pottery with birds! Thanks for the visit :)