Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Troy Bungart

You've got to love the look, touch and smell of well turned timber. How cool would it be to have your own pottery tools, custom made in exotic timbers, with the grains highlighted and just the right curves and edges for your pottery making needs? Troy Bungart (http://bungartstudios.blogspot.com.au/) makes this possible. I found him on etsy and I have now ordered some tools after much drooling over the types of wood and the possibilities of tool shapes.

I have no photos to show you yet and I'm not sure about the legalities of posting other people's images so a photo of the tools will have to wait. In the meantime here is some wildlife found in our back yard:

A dragon and a dinosaur!


  1. Eeeek...I might have a hard time sharing a yard with the sort of reptiles you have down under....I guess I will have to accept the snowy alternative!

  2. You've gotta love a bearded dragon!